10 Of The Best Indian Foods You Need To Try

10 of the best Indian
Foods you need to try

India is a beautiful country,and Indian foods you need to try  and let’s talk about their food, so one can enjoy a lot of
Different dining experience. Like spicy, sweet,
Tart, salty, there are other types of flavors in
This country. You will find many types of food
Hare and we have selected some of them.

Butter chicken

Butter chicken most popular Indian dish.
You will find this dish to eat more in the north
Stateside. Especially in Punjab, butter chicken also known as chicken makhana is a classic
Indian dis, where grilled chicken [Tandoori
Chicken] simmered in a spicy, aromatic, buttery, and creamy tomato gravy.

Dal Tadka

Dal tadka is a trendy Indian dish that has garnered domestic fame and international
Fame. It is very spicy to eat, that double tempering is applied to it.

You can eat it with butter naan, lachha paratha
And roti. You will therefore find it even more
Delicious to eat with rice.


This is another most-eaten dish in India. This
Is a spicy food, whenever people go for a walk
In the evening, he was a little lighter and like to eat tasty food.

Among the most popular types of chats are
Bhelpuri, panipuri, Shivpuri, aloo chat and
Samosa chat.


Samosa is a very popular food. Whenever people travel they definitely take samosas
to eat. A samosa can differ in shape, size, and
filling based on the region but have some basis no matter where they are found.

Fill the vegetables in it, like potato filled with
Peas, it is deep fried in oil. After removing the samosa from the oil. Its green chutney, sweet
Chutney, math, and ketchup are served.

Masala chai

Tea is something very related to people because people’s day starts with tea. You
will find most of the masala chai lovers in
India. Every Indian family may have there
Own a recipe to make masala tea. There are
Many different types of tea, masala tea,
Black tea, lemon tea, simple tea, cold tea,
and coffee.

Matter paneer

Matter paneer is a north Indian dish consisting of peas and matter paneer
Cooked in mild tomato sauce like
the butter chicken.

Matter paneer is traditionally served with
naan and aloo paratha with rice.
This family recipe is not a restaurant-style
Matter paneer.

Vada pav

Vada pav you will get to eat more Maharashtra. People eat it with great flavor.
The Vada pav refers to a deep-fried potato fritter placed between two pieces of bread.

This is typically served with dry garlic chutney
And a fried green chili. Vada pav’s humble origins are said to be the city’s many mills in
Central Mumbai where workers would enjoy a cheap and quick meal.


You will enjoy eating dhokla the most in
Gujrat. Dhoklas are eaten in India as side dishes,
for breakfast, as the main course, and even as a snack at even such as parties and weddings.
Dhokla is best served with green chutney.

There are different kinds of dhokla prepared
With different ingredients and rations of
Chickpeas. Some of the popular kinds of
Dhoklas are:

Khatta dhokla
Rasia dhokla
Moong dal dhokla
Khandvi dhokla
Cheese dhokla
Toor dal dhokla
Rava dhokla
Mixed dal dhokla
Green peas dhokla
Sweet dhokla
Khaman dhokla

Masala dosa

Masala dosa is a type of south Indian dish, where a crispy crepe made of fermented rice
and lentil batter is served with flavourful spiced potato curry. It is wholesome in itself as it is served with potato masala, coconut chutney, and sambar.

Most south Indian households make does regularly and each home-style masala does is
Super smile as it can be made with any plane
dosa better.

Chole kulche

Chole kulche is a popular Delhi street food. The soft kulchas taste delicious with a soft
Spicy chole made with chickpeas cooked in a spicy tomato base.

Old Delhi including Chandni chowk is known for its heritage of monuments and eating joints that have been here for years. It is the place to head to if you want to know and see the real Delhi.


You will get more such things to eat, and if you haven’t eaten all these you should. It
was the best Indian food fire experience of my life. Now as you know, as I entered the taste of India, I knew was for an outstanding Indian dining experience.

Taste of India restaurant was as I told you, the Indian food experience of my life. I hope someone eats there, I highly recommend it.

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