Top 10 Best street foods in Delhi


Top 10 street foods in Delhi


Delhi is very famous for its street foods, let me tell you about the top 10 street foods here, people here are very fond of food. The people here are fond of eating new foods.

There is a different taste in the food here, which is liked by many people and pure ghee is used in their food, which is good for health. Here you will find handcarts everywhere from the line to the long queue.

Chole kulche.

When it comes to Chole Kulche, the first name that comes to the tongue is because Delhi is very famous for the name of Chole Kulche. Chole Kulche is made of all-purpose flour, and it is quite heavy, the taste of those who are made with it, takes everyone in a different mood.

Chole Kulche is made in many different ways, and you will find many different types of Chole Kulcha in Delhi. The test of the one who is given buttermilk [raita] also gives a different test.

The masala in these types of chole kulcha is not only the best to eat, but its food also fills the stomach. If I tell you how to eat it, first take a piece of kulcha, wrap chickpeas in it and then eat it, and then take a sip of buttermilk, you will enjoy it completely.

Because my experience was very good for this.

Chole bhature.

Chole Bhathura also comes in the top 10 street food in Delhi, Delhi is also very famous for it, which leaves no stone unturned to change your mouth taste. It is also made from maida and its combination is also with chickpeas.

Here the bhature is fried in oil and ghee and the chickpeas that are made are also baked in oil or ghee like bhatura. If I tell you to eat it, then first take a piece of bhatura and after that,

wrap the chickpeas in the bhatura and put a little lemon juice on the chickpea bhatura, then put a piece of onion in it and eat it again. Your experience after eating this will force you to eat it again and again.


Chaat has many forms, but Delhi is very famous for its Daulat ki Chaat, it is a top 10 street food in Delhi, because the people of Delhi like it, but eat it from many states. And even people from abroad come and experience it.

As winter is approaching, people like to eat Daulat ki chaat in winter, just as people like to eat ice cream, and falooda in mild winter, similarly many people like to enjoy Daulat ki chaat. Those who have not experienced it, all of you must try the chaat of wealth once.


Whenever we talk about eating parathas and if someone wants to eat different types of parathas, then Delhi domes to his tongue because Delhi is famous for its unique parathas.

Delhi is very famous for its Paratha Wali Gali, which is in Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, these parathas are discussed in foreign countries, and come from abroad to eat parathas.

And if we talk about the type of parathas, then potato parathas, cabbage parathas, fenugreek parathas, capsicum parathas, and many other types of parathas are made.

Kulfi faluda.

People often like to eat and drink cold things in summer, similarly, it is a matter of Kulfi Falooda of Delhi, people eat them in every season but its real fun comes in summer.

The combination of kulfi and falooda before or after dinner, during lunch or after dinner doubles the fun, If you are ever going to Delhi, then definitely eat Roshan’s Kulfi in Karol Bagh and Krishna’s Kulfi at India Gate, Pandara Market.

You may be addicted to Kulfi-Faluda at first glance, cold and creamy, as if placed in front of you, you will not be able to stop yourself,

You must try this dish.


It would not be wrong to count momos in Delhi Top Street Food, because Delhi’s specialty momos are also there, and it is made in many ways. Like Fried Momos, Crisp Momos, Paneer Momos, Chicken Momos, Boil Momos, and other names.

This dish is made of flour in a way, cabbage is also added to it and there are different recipes to make it. White chutney and red chutney are given with momos, it is a lot delicious to eat.

The red chutney is very spicy, and the white chutney taste is very unique. Some people say momos with red or white chutney, and some people say by mixing red and white chutney, you must also try once.

Chur naan.

Delhi is very famous for its unique dish Chur Chur Naan, this stuffed and crunchy Chur Chur Naan with a twist of butter served with two types of vegetables and raita. You will get this in Delhi as well as this dish is very famous in Punjab as well.

To make this dish tastier, there is also a lassi that is moistened with thandai. Eating this once fills your stomach, In this, Sanjay Chur Chur Naan of Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, and Raju Chur Chur Naan of Sector 12 Dwarka, Dwarka Delhi very famous.

I also want to tell you that if you also try these people’s chur naan, you will like it.

Kachori sabzi.

There is no dearth of food lovers in Delhi, Kachori is such a dish that a long queue of those who like it takes a long queue to eat it, here you will get to eat spicy vegetables and crunchy-like Kachori.

When hot kachoris are made here and when their vegetable is made in the furnace, the vegetable kachori is mixed with Juhi on top, the taste of it comes to a very unique taste.

When people reach the shop in the morning only to have breakfast of Kachori vegetables and many people pack and take it for their family members as well. You can also count this dish in the top 10 street foods of Delhi.

Rabri jalebi.

Another famous dish of Delhi that you will not want to miss, this dish will be found everywhere, but you will find the taste of this dish in Rabri Jalebi of Delhi.

When Rabri is made, its combination is considered to be the most with Jalebi, when the hot juice dripping from the syrup is taken out, then Rabri is mixed on top of that Jalebi.

hen eat it and the joy and the taste you get will make you want to eat it again and again, you must try it.

Gol gappas.

Gol gappas is such a dish that you will find it in every state and every state has a different identity of gol gappas. Similarly, the Gol Gappas of Delhi have a different identity because their Gol Gappas are full of different types of flavors.

If I keep it at the top of Delhi, it will be right because I will tell you what I experienced, then when I ate this dish, it gave me such a different type of test.

I have eaten gol gappas everywhere, I like them too, but whoever got to eat all kinds of gol gappas here, my experience was very good, you should also try.


When we talk about the Top 10 Street Foods in Delhi, then you will get to eat all kinds of foods, and Delhi is known for its Famous Foods. And you will find all these things in Main Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi,

I also want to tell you that when you go to Delhi, you must try the street food there. There are other famous foods in Delhi that I have not mentioned, but I will tell you about them in the next blog.



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