Mouth Watering Dishes From Madhya Pradesh

India is a land of various cultures, practices, traditions, beliefs, etc. The Country’s beauty lies in the fact that it is so diverse. There is no doubt about the fact that Indians are die-hard foodies.

People in India like to eat so much that whenever those people go for a walk in the evening, they like to eat something light.

Madhya Pradesh is one such region in the subcontinent that has some amazing dishes that are utterly tasty and delicious. The state is located in central India, Bhopal being its capital. Here is a look at some mouthwatering dishes from Madhya Pradesh that you must try.

Sheek Kabab

Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and has a strong Muslim influence which is reflected in the food from the city. It is famous for its meat and fish delicious. One of those delicious is Bhopali sheek kababs and these turned out pretty good.

Other delicious that are a must- try from Madhya Pradesh are Malpua, Bhopali Ghosth Korma, Biryani Pilaf, Mawa Bati, jalebi, palak puri and chakki ki shak,

Mawa Baati

It is prepared with mawa dough which is mixed with rich dry fruits. After deep frying the mawa dough balls, the dish is well-soaked in the sugar syrup to the dish. Mawa baati looks like a bigger Gulab jamun and is served on festive occasions.

You will love the crispness, balanced sweetness, and rich texture of this traditional sweet. Mawa baati is also a nice mithai to serve at chaat parties to comlpemaen the spicy chaat items.

Dal Bafla

Similar to dal baati in its taste and texture, dal baffle is equally delicious. It is prepared by baking wheat balls, which are later dipped in ghee and consumed with a spicy dal, curry, and chutney. It is an important part of the menu for special occasions and social gatherings.

Dal baffle is a this that hails from the heart of India, that is Madhya Pradesh. Dal baffle is usually served with a simple Malwa dal but it can also be served with parchment dal while it is still piping hot.

Bhopali Gosht Korma

It is a part of nawabs cuisine and is made by slow cooking mutton in a spicy gravy. After being cooked in the gravy for many hours, the mutton turns very soft and just melts in the mouth.

As talk about the capital of Madhya Pradesh that is Bhopal is sought of Muslim influence is why the non-veg, dishes are very famous there.

It is a dish of Maharaja and Raja; they mostly prefer it at parties and jashans. It is made in the spicy gravy of Indian spices and served hot with butter roti and sliced onions.

Biryani pilaf

One of the best places to have biryani in India is Bhopal, M.P. Mutton is the main meat in Bhopali biryani or biryani pilaf. Traditionally, it is served with zarda, which is a sweet dish made out of rice, milk, sugar, and dry fruits.

Meat used in biryani pilaf is mainly mutton, but occasionally chicken is also used. It is a south Asian version of Mughal biryani.

One can get some excellent biryani pilaf and Chatori Gali. This is must try when you visit Madhya Pradesh and it will surely make you come back for more.

Palak Puri

It is a breakfast staple and is traditionally served with a curry made out of potato and raita. Palak puri is prepared with wheat dough mixed with grind spinach leaves and some spices to bring out the best taste.

Indori palak puri is one of the popular dishes from Madhya Pradesh. I love this puri recipe because of its color, and healthy ingredients such as palak. It is like puri or fried Indian puffed bread, farali puri, banana puri, bajra puri, and Na Gori.

Bhutte ka Kees

As the name clearly indicates, it is made out of corn. The is a very healthy and nutritious dish prepared with grated corn, cooked spices, coconut, and milk. Further, mustard seeds and green chilies are added to enhance the flavor.

Bhutte ka kees is a popular as well as delicious street food snack from Indore. Some cities in India are famous for their street food and Indori is one of them. One more tasty snack from Indore that you must try is this khatta meetha. Bhutta means “corn” and “kees” means “grated”.


A done of nature, a tinge of culture mix it with the warm hospitality and a plate full of mouth-water delicacies. That’s Madhya Pradesh for you! Being the heart of India Madhya Pradesh assures a delightful package of its historic importance, rich culture, and food. Madhya Pradesh offers everything to satisfy your traveler’s
As well as your foodie soul.

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